IPG Photonics' Application and Technical Notes

IPG Photonics continually develops new fiber laser technology; new lasers and capabilities allow previously unexplored applications and processes to be identified and studied. IPG’s Applications Facilities have produced Application and Technical Notes that outline new process and laser developments.  

Contact any of IPG's Application Facilities to arrange complimentary sample processing, evaluation & project planning.

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Charlie Bridge
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Tony Hoult
3930 Freedom Circle Ste. 103
Santa Clara, CA 95054

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Siemensstrasse 7
D-57299 Burbach, Germany

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Via Pisacane 46
20025 Legnano (MI) Italy
cbridge@ipgphotonics.com estiles@ipgphotonics.com thoult@ipghotonics.com mgrupp@ipgphotonics.com scassarini@ipgphotonics.it


Application Notes
    Application Note #01: Laser Scribing for Thin Film PV Panels with a Novel Pulsed Green Fiber Laser
    Application Note #02: Further Improvements to Nanosecond Pulsed Lasers
    Application Note #03: Dark Oxide Marking on 304 Stainless Steel  
    Application Note #04: Applications of Fiber Lasers for Solar Cell Manufacturing
    Application Note #05: Cutting with Long Pulse Fiber Lasers YLR 150/1500-QCW-AC
    Application Note #06: Improvements in Cutting Thick Steels with Fiber Lasers
    Application Note #07: Marking and Welding of Polycarbonate with Short Pulse, Low Nanosecond Fiber Lasers
    Application Note #08: Spot Welding with Long Pulse Fiber Lasers
    Application Note #09: Laser Marking of Polycarbonate with Short Pulse Low Nanosecond Fiber Lasers
    Application Note #10: Replacing Flash Lamp-Pumped YAG lasers in the Medical Device Industry


Technical Notes
    Technical Note #01: YLP-HC Model Lasers